Ride With Valor



Ride with Valor is a 501c3 dedicated to assisting Veterans and their families with housing and support solutions.  We were OFFICIALLY founded in 2019, but our founder Russell Scot Rhoda, has been working to support Veterans for nearly a decade.  After an accident forced him into an early retirement from the fire department, Rhoda—a US Army Veteran himself—decided to focus on reaching out to Veterans in need.  Rhoda quickly learned that one of the most pressing issues facing Veterans is that of housing stability—be it repairs to keep homes safe, ADA modifications to keep homes accessible, or even just having furniture and working appliances to keep homes livable.  Through diligent research into available public programs (as well as hundreds of phone calls), Rhoda slowly built a network of professional contacts and willing volunteers to get Veterans the support they needed.  After several years of working as a one-man operation, Rhoda finally had the support system and man-power to officially give the Ride with Valor name to his work.
Ride with Valor has only continued to grow since 2019.  We have helped Veterans with home repair issues such as leaking roofs and broken furnaces.  We have been able to modify dozens of homes to make them ADA-compliant so their owners may stay out of nursing homes.  We have secured donations of furniture and working appliances for Veterans living in empty homes.  We have even begun to renovate decrepit housing into updated and modern homes to help tackle Veteran homelessness.  These projects are only possible due to the tireless work of our staff and volunteers.
We are committed to serving our fellow Veterans, as well as their families.  We continue to work with organizations such as the VA, the Cuyahoga Land Bank, local businesses, and countless VFW/American Legions.  If you are interested in learning more about us, or if you wish to join us in our Mission, please feel free to reach out to us.