Victory Garden

We are an OHIO based 501(C)(3) CHARITY committed to helping U.S. Veterans, as well as their widows to reduce homelessness and promote Long Term In – Home Care.

Victory Garden


Food insecurity threatens many of our Veterans. To help combat this, Ride with Valor partners with community food pantries to pass out parcels of food for Veterans in need. For holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we also make it a priority to deliver turkeys, hams, and holiday meals for Veterans both at home and in shelters. We have also created small orchards for local Veterans to visit and pick their own fresh fruit. Working in tandem with homeless shelters, these orchards will also provide their Veterans with fresh produce–a difficult feat for them to accomplish alone due to costs.

Hearth & Home for Veterans

This is our flagship program, dedicated to providing Veterans with a safe home of their own.

Veterans Aging in Place

Many of our Aging population of Veterans love their homes and want to stay where they built their lives

Victory Garden

Food insecurity threatens many of our Veterans.

Wings of Valor

One of the major obstacles for a Veteran obtaining the help that they need is transportation.

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